Integrating TimeControl And VersionOne

Agile is one of the most powerful methods of managing complex software development environments. This project management method has been adopted by countless organizations around the world. VersionOne has brought that agile thinking to the Enterprise Project Management environment with its extensive online service.

Agile can be extremely powerful, yet most practices focus on the planning and rapid execution of those plans. However, enterprise environments where Agile can be most productive requires more than just planning sprints, logging defects and completing tasks. In many organizations, there is a requirement to track the results of the project process for other internal processes and systems such as Billing, Job Costing, R&D Tax credits, contractor management.

TimeControl and Version One
TimeControl and VersionOne

Agile project systems including VersionOne do not focus on other tracking requirements and this can result in employees having to do more paperwork than might otherwise be required. There is tracking for the Agile tasks in VersionOne of course but Payroll will likely impose a completely separate timesheet with payroll rules embedded in its approval process. Likewise Human Resources will require a timesheet or system to track time off. Where else would you do vacation approvals or banked overtime? If the organization needs to track time for Tax Credits for R&D for example, yet another type of tracking timesheet might be required.

These challenges can be overcome with the integration of VersionOne with TimeControl. HMS and VersionOne have collaborated to integrate TimeControl and VersionOne so users have one single point of entry for their timesheet information for numerous systems at one time.

TimeControl will send back Work Done, work To-do and Completion information to VersionOne to update the Backlog items, Defects and other tasks that an employee has put time into. But TimeControl also tracks that information with the same financial rules required for HR, Payroll, Billing, the corporate ERP or anywhere else it is required. TimeControl tracks both project and non-project time.

If you are using VersionOne for your Agile Enterprise Project Management needs then TimeControl becomes your one place for managing non-project work, banked overtime, vacation requests, your bank of personal time, entries for time off and more?

TimeControl does all this and more while seamlessly integrated with VersionOne.

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