TimeControl and ARES PRISM

TimeControl with JIRA

TimeControl integrates with ARES PRISM making a powerful project control environment.

TimeControl includes a direct integration to ARES PRISM, a leading provider of enterpries project control systems. The integration of TimeControl, TimeContorl Industrial and ARES PRISM makes for a powerful project cost control environment.

TimeControl and ARES PRISM
TimeControl and ARES PRISM

ARES PRISM manages the complete project lifecycle from project estimating, costing and scheduling to change management contract and procurement management earned value and project reporting.

TimeControl, TimeControlOnline and TimeControl industrial provide multi-purpose auditable timesheet management and with TimeControl Industrial, field data collection of Crew Timesheets, Project Material Consumption, Equipment Usage and production accomplished.

The combination of both ARES PRISM and TimeControl brings the best of both worlds together. Now the same timesheet that might be used for payroll, billing and job-costing can be used to progress ARES PRISM cost elements and bring reconciled actuals into the project reporting system.

The integration between ARES PRISM and TimeControl is initiated from within PRISM using an ARES PRISM supplied plug in. Data from TimeControl can be grouped into as many or as few cost elements as the client desires using field-level mapping from within PRISM.

The link is available directly from ARES PRISM and is designed to work with TimeControl 7.4.1, TimeContol 8 and later versions. The link works with both TimeControl and TimeControl Industrial whether in the cloud or on premises.

To speak to an HMS representative about the link between TimeControl and ARES PRISM, go to Contact Us or email info@hms.ca.

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