TimeControl programme partenaires

HMS est membre depuis 1984 de la communauté mondiale des systèmes de gestion de projets. Durant toutes ces années, nous avons établi des relations de partenariats avec plusieurs organisations différentes; les entités professionnelles rattachées à TimeControl sont organisées dans les catégories que voici.

Types de Partenaires

  • Concessionnaires TimeControl

    Les bureaux et concessionnaires de HMS sont répartis dans le monde entier. Nos concessionnaires, choisis avec le plus grand soin, doivent justifier de compétences en application de systèmes de gestion de projets d'entreprise, ainsi qu'en analyse, création et déploiement de systèmes de projet. Ils possèdent une combinaison de compétences en méthodologie, formation, aide technique et perfectionnement, et ont déjà fait leurs preuves en déploiement de systèmes comme TimeControl dans des environnements de projet très variés.

  • Partenaires de l'alliance TimeControl

    Les "partenaires de l'alliance" sont des entreprises qui soit fournissent des produits et services à HMS, laquelle les distribue à ses clients, soit ont conclu une alliance de marketing réciproque avec nous. Un partenaire de l'alliance avec HMS ne se borne pas à échanger des liens Web: HMS a établi des relations réciproques formelles avec toutes les organisations sur cette liste.

  • Partenaires Stratégiques TimeControl

    HMS works with key Alliance Partners to help create the solutions we bring to you. These Technology or Strategic Partners are organizations with which we maintain a strong relationship and include some of the most respected names in the technology industry.

Partner Benefits

Being a TimeControl Partner delivers a range of benefits. Here at HMS we strive to ensure that all 4 levels of our partners are kept up to date with the latest in TimeControl Technology. For Partners who represent TimeControl in a technical, marketing or sales role, some of the benefits are described here:

  • Sales

    First, TimeControl sales can be tremendously lucrative for our full service dealers and Alliance Partners. As an enterprise-wide product, TimeControl is often deployed to 100% of the staff. Although per-seat pricing can go as low as $50 per license, typical sales are between 50 and 1000 licenses.

  • Commissions

    TimeControl dealers receive a generous percentage of sales they have generated. The percentage commission is determined by HMS based on the level of services provided by the dealer. Alliance Partners can receive a finder’s fee for recommending TimeControl to their client. The percentage finder’s fee for Alliance Partners is determined by HMS based on the level of involvement by the Partner.

  • Web Presence

    HMS has one of the oldest web sites on the Internet. Our web presence is spread across several domain names and contains extensive information of interest to those who either manage projects, implement enterprise-wide applications or are generally interested in either enterprise project management or enterprise timesheet systems. On our websites is a huge collection of published articles, white papers, analysis, on-line links and resources as well, of course, as information on TimeControl. Visitors can get instant access to a free hosted version of TimeControl to begin their evaluation. All of our Partners are listed on-line in the Partners section of the site along with direct links to their own site if one exists. Our marketing staff constantly work on having our site indexed in search engines and in professional directories. The HMS websites generate hundreds of thousands of visits each year and that traffic translates to you if you are a TimeControl Partner.

  • Marketing Assistance

    HMS has an extensive marketing organization which maintains a wide range of activities in all the countries where we have a Partner presence. HMS Software’s marketing efforts are multi-faceted including: advertising, webvertising search engine keyword sponsorship, the Internet, trade shows, mailing campaigns, association sponsorships, technical alliance partnerships and more. For Partners who wish to work on marketing efforts in their own area, HMS collaborates with your cooperative marketing plan, contributing some of the costs of joint marketing efforts conducted by the dealer. This allows you to leverage your own efforts with our assistance.

  • Sales Training

    On a regular basis, senior HMS sales and technical staff visit our Partners around the world to assist with sales in progress and help with training the sales staff where required. In addition, training of both sales and technical staff can be done at HMS Software's headquarters in Montreal Canada.

  • Leads

    TimeControl Dealers receive sales leads for their area or vertical market from people who have contacted us and asked for more information.

  • Sales Materials

    Sales collateral for TimeControl is extensive. HMS has generated a wide range of materials to help your client complete their timesheet system evaluation. These materials include brochures, fact sheets covering a variety of specialized topics, references, testimonials, case studies, competitive analysis, white papers, trial size CDs, demonstration disks, promotional materials, technical references and more.

  • Value added to your existing business

    TimeControl can help you with your existing business. As an enterprise timekeeping system, TimeControl is an ideal add-on to companies who are already selling or implementing software which TimeControl links to. This includes Microsoft Project, Project Server, Oracle’s Primavera, Deltek’s Open Plan and Cobra and virtually all ERP systems. Becoming TimeControl Partner can provide an opportunity to expand the revenue generation for your existing clients by providing an enterprise-wide solution.

  • Technical Assistance

    HMS provides a wide range of technical assistance to our Partners to bolster their own efforts. In particular, HMS implementation specialists can be made available to Dealers and Alliance Partners who wish to train their own staff on-the-job when implementation assistance is required by the client.

  • Not-for-Resale copy of TimeControl

    All our Dealers and Alliance Partners are given access to the most current version of TimeControl for use in training their own staff and to use in demonstrations or technical preparation for their clients.

  • Is it for you?

    Being an HMS Software dealer is not for everyone and we’re rather picky. HMS looks for Partners who have an established reputation as a high-quality implementor or specialist in their field. We understand that a Partnership is an investment and not every company is ready to invest in every partnership.

TimeControl Alliance Partner Comparison

Dealer Alliance Partner Associate Partner
Marketing Assistance
Web Presence
Sales Materials
Technical Assistance
Value Added to Existing Business
Sales Revenue
Sales Training
Not-for-resale copy of TimeControl
On Dealer Map
Finder's Fee