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TimeControl peut être déployé dans de nombreuses configurations différentes pour résoudre de nombreux défis commerciaux. Nous avons créé des fiches d'information sur certains sujets populaires de TimeControl. Ces fiches d'information sont étayées par de nombreuses présentations, livres blancs et webcasts qui sont également disponibles sur la page Ressources.


  • TimeControl brochure en francais
    TimeControl brochure en francais

    Cette brochure de 4 pages donne un aperçu du système de feuille de temps TimeControl et de ses nombreuses fonctionnalités. La brochure décrit les avantages de l’utilisation du système de feuilles de temps TimeControl, tels que: facile pour l’utilisateur final, fonctionnalité robuste, très flexible, hautement connectable, rapide à déployer et facile à entretenir.

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  • the TimeControl Mobile App
    The TimeControl Mobile App

    TimeControl comprend l'application mobile gratuite TimeControl, disponible sur Google Play pour les appareils Android et sur l'App Store d'Apple pour les appareils iOS. L'application permet aux utilisateurs de saisir, modifier et compléter leur feuille de temps. Les superviseurs peuvent approuver ou rejeter les feuilles de temps. La direction peut voir des analyses dynamiques pour prendre des décisions où que vous soyez. Cette fiche d'information de 4 pages traite de certaines des fonctionnalités de l'application mobile TimeControl.

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  • TimeControl Project
    TimeControl Project

    TimeControl Project est une version premium de TimeControl Online et TimeControl Industrial Online. Il prend la flexibilité TimeControl déjà puissante et la fonctionnalité robuste pour le suivi des chiffres réels et l'étend à la planification et à l'exécution du projet. Cette fiche de 4 pages en est un bref aperçu.

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  • TimeControl and Finance/ERP systems
    TimeControl and Finance/ERP systems

    As a multi-purpose timesheet, TimeControl is designed to link to more than one system simultaneously. Aside from project management systems TimeControl can also link to HR, Payroll, Billing, Finance and even ERP system. This 4-page brochure outlines the benefits of having TimeControl link to multiple systems or services within the organization.

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  • TimeControl Value Propositions
    TimeControl Value Propositions

    The benefits of TimeControl are perceived differently from different perspectives. This factsheet highlights what return on investment that would be of interest from the view of eight different organizational roles: The CEO, Human Resources, Project Manager, CFO, Executives, Team Members, Resource Managers and Payroll Managers.

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  • TimeControl and SharePoint
    TimeControl and SharePoint

    TimeControl has been able to integrate with SharePoint since SharePoint's first release and TimeControl links with SharePoint 2002 to 2013. You have the option to install the TimeControl interface directly into a SharePoint web part and deliver TimeControl users an uninterrupted user experience within SharePoint. You can even link TimeControl with SharePoint data. This 4-page factsheet outlines some of the key benefits.

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  • Moving from Excel timesheets to TimeControl
    Moving from Excel timesheets to TimeControl

    Excel is used more often to make timesheet files than any other tool in the industry. It's perfect for small companies because it's so flexible and fast to create a timesheet grid just the way you want. However, when it comes to reporting or auditing or querying that data, the lack of formal data structure makes a full featured timesheet like TimeControl much more attractive. This factsheet highlights some of the advantages of using TimeControl instead of Excel for timesheets and how easy it is to migrate from an Excel timesheet collection environment into TimeControl.

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  • TimeControl and VersionOne
    TimeControl and VersionOne

    This factsheet how integeration of TimeControl and VersionOne delivers a single source of timesheet tracking for VersionOne and Financial simultaneously.

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  • TimeControl 6 and Microsoft Project
    TimeControl 6 and Microsoft Project

    HMS is one of Microsoft Project's longest standing partners. TimeControl has had a link to Microsoft Project since Project 95 and to Project Server since its market release in 2002. This factsheet highlights how TimeControl can be linked to Microsoft Project Standard or Professional on the desktop as well as Project Server to deliver a complete integrated enterprise project management environment with a powerful and auditable timesheet system.

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  • Ten reasons to choose TimeControl with Microsoft Project
    Ten reasons to choose TimeControl with Microsoft Project

    Whether you are using Project Standard, Project Professional or Project Server , or all three at once, there are some good reasons to choose TimeControl as your enterprise timesheet system. We've listed our ten favorites here on a two-page factsheet.

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  • Integrating TimeControl, Microsoft Project and SharePoint
    Integrating TimeControl, Microsoft Project and SharePoint

    Some organizations who are interested in collaborate project management would be happier to stay with Microsoft Project Standard or Professional on their desktop than to go to Project Server. In this case there's a big functionality gap and that's a timesheet. This 4-page factsheet shows how you can make a Collaborative Project Management environment using SharePoint, Microsoft Project Desktop and TimeControl.

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  • TimeControl and Primavera
    TimeControl 6 and Primavera 6

    TimeControl has linked to Oracle-Primavera since 1997 and supports links with both Primavera Pro and Primavera EPPM. There are numerous linking features between the two products and this factsheet highlights how linking the powerful project management system with our popular timesheet makes an effective combination. Integrating TimeControl with Oracle-Primavera means you can use a single source of timesheet data for both schedule updates and links to Finance.

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  • Integrating TimeControl and Deltek's EPM Suite of Open Plan and Cobra
    Integrating TimeControl and Deltek's EPM Suite of Open Plan and Cobra

    The first project scheduling system which TimeControl linked to was Open Plan back in 1994. This factsheet shows the benefits of linking TimeControl with Deltek's Open Plan and Cobra. TimeControl and Open Plan have a tight integration allowing data to be moved in both directions. Cobra can also be integrated where TimeControl can provide the actual hours for complete earned value analysis

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  • TimeControl Online
    TimeControl Online

    TimeControl Online is our subscription as a service version of TimeControl in the cloud. All the great functionality available in TimeControl can be yours instantly by subscribing to TimeControl instead of purchasing and installing it. Find out more in this 4-page factsheet.

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  • On Premises or Online
    On Premises or Online

    You can purchasing our TimeControl timesheet for an installation on your premises or subscribe to our TimeControlOnline hosted timesheet service. Which is better for you? We highlight a comparison of the advantages of one vs. the other in this 4-page factsheet.

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TimeControl Industrial

  • TimeControl Industrial Brochure
    TimeControl Industrial Brochure

    When you need to do timesheet entry for crews of workers who do not have access to a PC or mobile interface, TimeControl Industrial may be for you. TimeControl Industrial is designed to allow an organization to use a single timesheet for both back office and field personnel. This brochure highlights the key features of TimeControl Industrial designed specifically to benefit companies in industrial, manufacturing and heavy construction industries.

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Logiciel HMS Software

  • Logiciel HMS
    Logiciel HMS

    HMS Software, a division of Heuristic Management Systems Inc., is a Canadian-based publisher of enterprise timesheet and project management software. HMS was founded in 1984 and includes clients and partners round the world. This short brochure outlines HMS and it's background.

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