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Microsoft and TimeControl Resources Portal

HMS Software has had a relationship with Microsoft since the mid 1980's. Our very first integration between TimeControl and Microsoft Project was released in 1995 but the relationship between these two firms does not stop there.

At a technical level, HMS supports a wide range of Microsoft Technology from within TimeControl. Not only have we maintained a link between TimeControl and all the releases of Microsoft Project and Project Server since 1995 but we also do our development in Microsoft's .Net. We support Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Server, Internet Explorer, Internet Information Services, Active Directory and much, much more.

As Alliance partners, HMS has participated with Microsoft in numerous commercial and marketing events and is certified in multiple Microsoft Partner Competencies. HMS Software's President has spent over 5 years on Microsoft's EPM Partner Advisory Council and writes on a regular basis for Microsoft's Technet site.

There are so many Microsoft-oriented resources on the TimeControl and HMS websites that we wanted to bring them together into a single area. You'll find links to the most popular TimeControl resources below including webcasts showing TimeControl working with Microsoft technology, factsheets, white papers, screen shots, PowerPoint presentations, links to finding HMS and HMS resources on Microsoft's websites and much more. Also, don't forget to visit the other TimeControl Solution areas by looking at the menu selection on the left side of this page.

Finding HMS Software at Microsoft

Microsoft Technet

Microsoft's official library of technical documetnation and information is called Technet. You'll find many writings of our president, Chris Vandersluis on Technet where he is asked by Microsoft to write for the From the Trenches Column or in the Project Server site. Alternately, just go to technet.microsoft.com and do a search for Chris Vandersluis or HMS Software.

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