Integrating TimeControl and Microsoft Project Desktop

HMS Software has had an integration with Microsoft Project since 1995. With every version of Project desktop since version 4.1, the TimeControl integration has been upgraded and extended making the link between these two products one of the most enduring in the industry. The combination of TimeControl and Microsoft Project for the desktop, whether it is Project Standard or Project Professional, extends from project planning to project tracking and management.

When you use TimeControl in conjunction with Microsoft Project, you allow updates from all project team members to flow from the timesheet back to the schedule. TimeControl integrates with Project Desktop bi-directionally, bringing in Projects, Tasks, Assignments, Resources and even user defined field information. End users then fill in their timesheet.

Microsoft Project and TimeControl

They can optionally see their Microsoft Project assignments and then fill in the hours and estimate to complete information on their tasks. TimeControl's extensive approval mechanism ensures that the data that is collected meets the organization's standards and tracks it for both project management and finance.

TimeControl then sends back to Project the hours, costs, expense costs and progress including the estimate to complete for the assignment and the overall tasks.

TimeControl provides the auditable financial controls that a project scheduling timesheet typically would not. Linking Project Desktop to TimeControl allows an integration of both project scheduling and financial functions such as payroll, human resources, billing, cost control and earned value. And, if and when you decide to extend your project planning functionality to include Microsoft Project Server, TimeControl is already there. TimeControl and Project.

When TimeControl is integrated with Microsoft Project, some of the functionality within TimeControl that becomes of particular interest includes:

Business Validation Rules

You can create an unlimited number of validations rules to test timesheet data integrity before it is ever released for approval. Rules for hours per day or week, overtime, sick leave, appropriate rates and more can be established for selected users or all.

Support multiple Project versions

TimeControl can integrate simultaneously with multiple versions of Project Standard and Professional, Project Server Desktop and other scheduling tools. Need a single timesheet when you have Project Standard 2007 and Project Professional 2013 at the same time? TimeControl can do that.

Multiple Rates

TimeControl includes extensive Rate Table functionality with an unlimited number of rates and rate values per person. Need to charge a different rate for one project vs. another? TimeControl does that easily.

Matrix Approvals

TimeControl includes both supervisor and line item approvals in a unique trademarked process.

Manage banks of personal time

TimeControl allows you to track vacation time, sick leave, personal time and other banks of time including banked overtime.

Vacation Approvals

TimeControl's TimeRequestTM function allows the request for future time off to be approved, tracked and put right into the timesheet.


much, much more...

As a Microsoft certified partner with the Project and Portfolio Management competency, HMS carries the skills to know what Project and Project Server require when integrating with an auditable financial timesheet. TimeControl is the timesheet system that fills that need.
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