TimeControl and Human Resources Solution

TimeControl is a powerful tool in the arsenal of an organization's Human Resources Department. HR must support all employees and is responsible in many organizations for not just the hiring but also tracking staff advancement, entitlements and resolving staff issues. Timesheet data when properly managed can make the life of the HR department much easier.

When people look at a timesheet there are many different perspectives but the most common is that of the HR department. Human Resources is interested, of course in when an employee starts with an organization but once that employee starts working, HR also must track a wide range of information about the advance of that employee in their career with the organization. Timesheet data is often required to manage entitlements like vacation, sick leave and personal time-off but can also be used for information such as banked overtime, booking sufficient training time to comply with HR or safety requirements, travel time and other non-project requirements.

TimeControl - Vacation Approvals
TimeControl - Time Request Vacation Approvals

TimeControl has been designed to meet these needs from its very first day. The flexibility of TimeControl allows it to be used at different levels by different users. So, where the system's project functionality may be of interest for those who are doing projects, non-project staff can be presented with a much simpler list of columns and choices in their time and attendance timesheet. TimeControl also supports timesheets thata are entered only 'by exception'. In this case, users would enter a timesheet only when they have taken time off, done overtime or have some other exception to their regular week. TimeControl can even fill in a timesheet automatically on behalf of a user who has not had any exceptions that week or fill-up a timesheet that had several exceptions in it.

When an organization is looking to improve efficiency, it is often to the HR department that it turns. Using non-project information from within TimeControl, an HR system can quickly identify the amount of time being invested in business travel, in general meetings or other overhead activities. Data can be analyzed by department, role, location or any other criteria that may seem appropriate and the result refocusing of staff can be highly impactful to the bottom line.

TimeControl - Missing TS Notification Email
TimeControl - Missing TS Notification

TimeControl is designed to be simple for the end user yet contain the robust functionality that HR departments and other groups require. With its tremendous range of function, TimeControl can meet the needs not only of HR but also for Finance, Billing, Payroll and Project Management. This makes TimeControl and ideal choice as the single timesheet to replace the numerous timesheets found in many organizations. If the organization can use the same data from a single system for all those different requirements, then savings can be significant by reducing the number of redundant timesheets.

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