The TimeControl Interface

TimeControl has a core design philosophy of having robust functionality and an easy to use interface for the end user. End users of TimeControl will use the system for a few short minutes every week. We need to be sure that entering their time is an inuititve, simple experience.

TimeControl supports multiple browsers for entering your timesheet.

No one wakes up on a Friday morning saying "Yay! It's the day I get to use TimeControl again!" End users are never going to be delighted that they have to do their timesheet. Here at HMS we know that most end users relate to their timesheet as a barrier between the week and the week-end. But, if we can't make an end user happy to do their timesheet, we'd like to make them the least unhappy possible and make entering the timesheet a fast and easy experience.

TimeControl timesheet list
TimeControl Timesheet List

TimeControl Administrators who will spend more of their workweek in the system can enjoy some of the more robust and complex features. Administrators may spend time learning from our online or in-person training but we've focused on several key elements of our interface design to make sure that end users can use TimeControl without training at all.

Eliminate duplicate entry

One of the fundamental benefits of a multi-purpose system like TimeControl is that it becomes the single source of timesheet data for a wide range of purposes. Using TimeControl means getting all your timesheet data entered in a single interface instead of one timesheet for payroll, another for HOUR, yet another for project management and something else for R&D accounting.

TimeControl timesheet
TimeControl Timesheet

Don't ask too much

TimeControl's User Profiles let's us remove anything that particular groups of end users don't need to deal with. That means not having to wade through menus, reports, views, screens or even fields that do not require input from that user. This makes TimeControl a streamlined experience. Also, TimeControl's data is based on a number of related tables and each tabke can include an unlimited number of meta information. So, end users don't have to guess anymore if this is an R&D task, that's been defined by accounting in the charge table. The end user doesn't have to wonder what ERP work code this charge is a part of, that's already defined in the table. The end user can just enter the time on the tasks they worked on and file their timesheet.

TimeControl User Profiles
TimeControl User Profiles

Attach related information at your fingertips

When end users must select data, TimeControl can tie that entry to a drop-down list of possible values. There are no more typographical errors when the all the possible entries for that particular field is available at the click of the mouse. In the timesheet, TimeControl can even support cascading fields where the possible values for field#2 is based on the selection you just did in flield#1. All of this makes entering timesheets lightning fast and eliminates having to go back for corrections of data we had a list of anyway.

You can add more than just hours

Gathering information from staff should be as centralized as possible. So TimeControl makes it possible to gather and distribute numerous non-labor data in the same place. In TimeControl you can add expense reports, free form notes on project progress, attachments like receipts or even project location pictures. You can request and see requests for time off, see announcements from your team and even see how much vacation time is left in your bank.

TimeControl timesheet expenses
TimeControl Timesheet Expenses

If there's a problem, tell you right away

TimeControl's Validation Rules is a business rules engine that let's the administrator define what makes for a valid timesheet for different groups of users. This can catch obvious errors like "no sick leave on weekends" but also much more complicated business rules. These validations are performed as timesheets are released for approval and if there's any error, the end-user can fix it instantly. The result? TimeControl data is already very high quality as soon as it's in the system.

And it's available as a free Mobile App too!

For staff on the go, TimeControl includes a free Mobile App available on Google Play for Android devices and on the Apple Store for iOS devices. The TimeControl Mobile App connects directly to your TimeControl system with all your timesheet configuration, data selections and customizations already there so what appears on your phone or tablet matches what you would see on a full browser when connecting to TimeControl. If you are a supervisor, you can do your approvals right from your phone or tablet.

All of TimeControl’s configuration features like Automated Validation Rules and security are already a part of the TimeControl Mobile App as it is all part of your central TimeControl system.

You can find out more and see the Mobile app in operation on our TimeControl Mobile App page.

Easy examples

When end-users need an exanple of how to get something done, we've got you covered. The TimeControl Online Learning Centre has short (3-5 minute) video examples of how to perform the most common TimeControl functions. Of course there are also User and Reference Guides online right in the system menu.

TimeControl's interface is the result of over 25 years of experience designing timesheet systems and the input of hundreds of organizations and tens of thousands of users over the years. It facilitates easy to use access to our extensive functionality, giving the appropriate user just what he or she needs.