Integrating TimeControl and Deltek's EPM Suite

Integrating TimeControl and Deltek's EPM Suite

TimeControl's history with Deltek's Enterprise Project Management system dates back to the first days of the company. HMS represented Open Plan in Canada through the 80's and 90's. During this time HMS created a number of customized timesheets for clients who needed to integrate timesheet data with their project scheduling and earned value systems.

The Deltek Enterprise Project Management products include both a powerful scheduling and resource management system within Open Plan™ and a powerful Earned Value Management System for costs within Cobra™. HMS is a Deltek ISV (Independent Software Vendor) with a long history with both of these products.

TimeControl is the most flexible timesheet system in the industry with activity-based-costing architecture that integrates directly with both Open Plan and Cobra as well as corporate financial and control systems including most ERPs such as SAP, PeopleSoft and, Oracle Financials.

TimeControl Deltek Diagram
Integrating TimeControl and Deltek EPM Suite

Creating an integrated project control environment with TimeControl and Deltek EPM carries numerous benefits:

Unlimited rates

TimeControl allows an unlimited number of rates per employee, per resource or per project. Each rate can carry multiple values so you can deal with tracking actual costs, billable values and project costs at the same time.

Manage both project and non-project time

Having a timesheet that accounts for 100% of the time spent each week is a key element of ensuring accurate labor records and critical to knowing that all project costs have been accounted for. TimeControl allows you to capture both project and non-project time.

TimeControl and Open Plan
TimeControl and Open Plan

Limitless flexibility

Add fields, control security down to the field level, change the name of any field, message or element of the system. TimeControl is the most flexible timesheet on the market.

Expense reporting

Not only labor costs but non-labor costs can be tracked in TimeControl. Whether you are capturing travel costs per person in the TimeControl expense section of the timesheet or capturing equipment, material or other non-labor costs in TimeControl Industrial, you can link those actuals back to Deltek Open Plan and Cobra.

Auditable historical timesheet data

Being able to back up your progress data is not only a requirement for many billable projects it gives you incredible control over disputes, finance requests for information and even contractor invoice reconciliation.

Business Validation Rules

TimeControl includes Validation Rule functionality that allows you to ensure that your organization's business rules are followed before timesheets are even accepted into the system. Validation Rules are an extremely powerful method of managing data quality as part of the timesheet workflow.

Compliance with government requirements

TimeControl's highly auditable structure makes it an ideal selection when government requirements for timesheets or project costing data must be met. TimeControl clients have used TimeControl to comply with the requirements of the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA), Sarbanes-Oxley, FMLA, R&D tax credits and numerous other government criteria.

Perhaps the most significant benefit is avoiding the cost and inefficiency of multiple timesheets. One for payroll, one for HR, one for billing, another for project management. TimeControl's enterprise timesheet functionality combined with its ability to link to enterprise project management tools like Open Plan and Earned Value tools like Cobra means that a single timesheet can collect labor costs for Financial purposes like job costing and invoicing, HR purposes like payroll, flex time and banked time tracking, project tracking, earned value actual costs and government compliance requirements.

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