Case Studies

  • Gunnison, TimeControl, Chris Vandersluis, Chirstopher Vandersluis, Christopher Peter Vandersluis
    Automated Timekeeping Takes Gunnison to New Heights

    "TimeControl plays pivotal role as a trusted data source to support vegetation management leader’s digital transformation."

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  • AMD
    Processor Powerhouse AMD Uncovers the Meaning of Time

    "With our old system we could only access weekly or monthly reports. The new dashboards have energized management interest in reporting."

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  • Aegion Corp.
    Automated Timekeeping Provides a Major Pipeline to Increased Productivity at Aegion Corp.

    "TimeControl has allowed our employees to focus on getting their work done rather than chasing after administrative tasks and wasting valuable time and resources."

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  • WHP Engineering
    Change to TimeControl Keeps WHP Engineering on Pace with Growth

    "The fact that I can see ... what they are delivering for those hours is crucial"

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  • Hamon Deltak logo
    Industrial-strength Timekeeping has a Custom Feel

    "Everybody uses it – even our president..."

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  • March Consulting logo
    Time Marches on at March Consulting

    "Now I use TimeControl as my gold standard..."

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  • Pontoon logo
    People Matter at Pontoon

    "The ease of the tool is the one selling factor that really won us over..."

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  • MCAP logo
    MCAP's IT Department makes a perfect fit with TimeControl Online

    "With TimeControl... it\'s so much clearer now to see where funds are going..."

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  • Steven Winter Associates Case Study
    High-performance project management drives high-performance buildings at Steven Winter Associates

    "TimeControl is a key component that ensures we can identify project issues quickly, resolve them and..."

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  • EXFO Case Study
    Use of Timecontrol Facilitates Project Management at EXFO

    "Based on our experience, I can confirm that TimeControl is a reliable system..."

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  • Lockerbie and Hole Case Study
    Lockerbie and Hole TimeControl Case Study

    "...up to seven hours to run a report. Now, on a job the same size, we’re running reports out of TimeControl in a matter of minutes."

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  • Standard Life Case Study
    Watching the Clock at Standard Life

    "We know at any time where we're at rather than having to wait for information to be entered."

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  • CRI Advantage Case Study
    Project-Oriented IT Consulting Firm Gains Timekeeping 'Advantage' with TimeControl

    "...a timekeeping software that was both flexible to our needs yet affordable to our budget, and TimeControl qualified in both those areas"

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  • KOCH Industries Inc. Case Study
    Koch Industries Optimizes Timekeeping/Billing Systems with HMS Software's TimeControl® Solution

    "We felt it provided us with the best options for our company's future growth."

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  • Transcontinental Printing Case Study
    Transcontinental Printing - Microsoft Project Customer Solution Case Study

    "The EPM Solution is already helping us to identify ... it’s streamlining and simplifying a huge, complex process."

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  • Cimmentry Systems Case Study
    Cimmetry Systems Corp. Microsoft Project Customer Solution Case Study

    "Being able to gain an overall perspective on all work being undertaken at a particular time has been a great benefit..."

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  • MDS SCIEX Case Study
    MDS SCIEX Development Stays On Track with TimeControl

    "TimeControl is a true enterprise timekeeping system that will grow with us as our needs evolve."

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  • ACR Systems Case Study
    Timekeeping solution helps ACR stay competitive

    "With TimeControl we now have a true measure of what it costs to complete every project for every client."

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  • Atlantic Canada Telco Case Study
    Atlantic Canada Telco’s use TimeControl and Open Plan for Year 2000 Project

    "The quality and reliability of the plans for project managers and team leads improved greatly."

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  • Bombardier Case Study
    Canadair Defense Systems Division Integrates Timekeeping and Scheduling

    "Virtually every employee who reports time now does so from TimeControl. Every single timekeeping report is extracted from a single source and then distributed to other systems."

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