TimeControl Industrial for Owners

If you represent an owner organization that manages projects, then the benefits of TimeControl Industrial might be significant for you. When TimeControl is deployed in a construction or industrial environment the owners are able to determine daily how time is being spent on your projects.

TimeControl becomes the single source of labor and non-labor resource usage and can then be used to track invoices costs internally for verifcation when sub-contractor invoices arrive. Efforts to reconcile the sub-contractor records with your own internal records become a thing of the past. Also, as the sole source of labor and non-labor resource usage, TimeControl provides a single source for all timesheet data including back-office personnel so there is no more merging files together in order to get a complete picture of hours and costs to the organization.

In some organizations, there are separate systems for Time and Attendance, for Time-off, for Billing and for Project Tracking. TimeControl is designed to meet all of these needs from within a single system and to integrate its data with other corporate tracking systems as required.

TimeControl has remarkable flexibility when deployed TimeControl for billing purposes. The unlimited number of rates codes per employee and the ability of the system to support an unlimited number of user-defined fields per table or on the timesheet means that the data can be conditioned to support the needs of both invoicing and project management simultaneously.

TimeControl's rate system allows not only an unlimited number of rate codes but for each rate, two values can be supported. These two values are typically used for internal or actual cost and for external or billing cost. This means that any element of work could support any number of rate conditions which could have different internal or external costs. For example, situations which are impossible or very difficult to manage in other timesheets could easily be handled here including unbilled work, salaried staff who work longer hours for a particular client, work billed at different rates for different tasks and more.

Once the timesheet data has been collected, reporting on the data is very simple. When sub-contractor invoices arrive, the supporting information is checked against TimeControl's data and the reconcilation period for that invoice drops from weeks to minutes!

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