Subscribe to TimeControlOnline, our in the Cloud timesheet service

TimeControl is one of the most popular timesheets in the industry and now you can subscribe to our hosted version.

TimeControl has been one of the world's most popular timesheets since its original release in 1994. Made famous for its Matrix Approval Process and its ability to serve both Finance and Project Management requirements simultaneously, TimeControl is now available as an online service hosted by HMS Software.

TimeControlOnline is a Timesheet as a Service system which lets you start enjoying the benefits of TimeControl instantly without having to purchase or configure servers, databases or having to maintain, upgrade, monitor or service the system throughout its lifetime. HMS Software's TimeControl experts take care of all the background architecture, technology and maintenance in our highly secure environment.

You can subscribe to TimeControlOnline on a month-to-month basis or enjoy significant volume discounts by contracting for a year at a time. When you activate your TimeControlOnline subscription, HMS establishes a secure database of only your company's data which is isolated from the data of any other subscriber. We pre-populate the system with the most common settings, reports, filters and timesheet validation rules and turn it over to you for your immediate use.

That's all there is to it. TimeControlOnline is a service designed to get your organization up and running on your TimeControl timesheet system instantly. Take a look below at some of the great benefits that could be yours as soon as you subscribe to TimeControlOnline!

Advantages of Hosting TimeControl

There are many benefits to using TimeControlOnline. Here is what you can expect when you decide to move forward with subscribing to the TimeControl Service:

No hardware to buy

When you use TimeControlOnline, there is no hardware to buy. HMS has already established the TimeControl Middleware server, the TimeControl Web Server and the TimeControl Database Servers in our secure services environment. You don't need to make the capital investment of purchasing or repurposing those servers nor do you need to buy the operating system, the virus scanning and malware protection, the database software or anything else that would normally be part of establishing new servers. Not only do you not need to buy servers, you don't need to maintain them. Our trained HMS technical personnel have already established the required servers and will monitor them for any technical updates, upgrades or other maintenance that may be required.

Available from anywhere

TimeControlOnline is already established as an outward facing website and this means it is already available to you and your personnel from anywhere the Internet is available. And, with our new TimeControlMobile functionality, your timesheets can be entered, edited or approved from any smartphone with an Internet connection!

No database server to establish

Maintaining the TimeControl Middleware and TimeControl Webservers requires a certain amount of maintenance that you won't have to worry about with TimeControlOnline but a much bigger element of maintenance is the TimeControl Database Server. HMS has already established the TimeControl data on its database server and we will manage the monitoring, maintenance, upgrades and security of that server ongoingly. Because this server is dedicated to TimeControOnline, we can tune the database settings to make sure TimeControlOnline is giving you the very best performance possible.

No installation

Installation? What installation? Your TimeControlOnline service has already been installed and is just waiting for you to subscribe to it. You won't need to pay for installation or wait until your technical staff get around to installing TimeControl on premises for you. Once you subscribe to TimeControlOnline, HMS will configure a TimeControl database uniquely for you and turn over administrative access to it immediately.

No maintenance

TimeControl has updates, upgrades and new versions published on a regular basis and scheduling the upgrades internally can be a heartache for some IT departments. With TimeControlOnline, we'll do the updates for you and it'll all be done in the background. Even Major upgrades are transparent to the end-users as they will occur with plenty of notice and be done after hours. All you have to do is continue to enjoy the use and benefits of TimeControl.

Never pay for or manage upgrades, updates or new versions

Support costs, upgrade fees, servicing contracts are all factored into your TimeControlOnline subscription. There's nothing else to pay unless you'd like to have HMS assist you with training and configuration of the system or in how to link it to other systems internally.

All the functionality of TimeControl on-premises is included with TimeControlOnline though some of it will work a bit differently. For example, while you can link TimeControlOnline to Oracle Primavera, you will have to use the Server-to-Client connection rather than the Server-to-Server connection. This is because our TimeControlOnline server is not directly connected to your Primavera database server.

Going from On-premises to Hosted

You can get started with TimeControlOnline and migrate to your own TimeControl on premises installation later on. HMS will help with migrating your data and we'll even credit some of your subscription fees towards a TimeControl purchase! Are you an existing TimeControl on premises client? You can go the other way too. So long as your support contract is current, we'll credit some of your TimeControl license fees towards your first year's subscription of TimeControlOnline. Now what could be fairer than that?

TimeControlOnline's hosted architecture

TimeControlOnline's hosted architecture is robust, secure, upgraded regularly and is constantly monitored so all you need to worry about is using the system, not supporting it!

TimeControlOnline is an environment that has been carefully architected by HMS Software's TimeControl development team. The system is installed on high-performance Windows 64bit servers and the database is MySQL. The architecture is dedicated to the TimeControlOnline service and this allows us to tune the database, web server and TimeControl middleware specifically for the best possible performance.

When you subscribe to TimeControlOnline, HMS allocates one of the pre-configured TimeControl databases to you and allocates your company name to a dedicated domain for that login. HMS populates the system with the most common default settings including common charge codes, filters, reports and validation rules and then turns over a dedicated URL in the format to you with the login credentials of the Administrator. From that point you're ready to go get started with TimeControl immediately.


The TimeControl architecture is established on a high-performance server environment including:

  • The TimeControl middleware server on which we house the Administration Transaction Server, the TimeControl Transaction Server and the TimeControl Scheduling Server.

  • The TimeControl Web Server which uses Internet Information Server to deliver both the multi-browser interface elements and, when required, the Administration ActiveX controls.

  • The TimeControl Database Server which stores your TimeControl data in a MySQL database.

This environment is hardened using several layers of security and monitored continuously. Subscribers are given an Administrator User name and Password for TimeControl but do not have direct access to any of the Server level environment or database. This has all been pre-installed and pre-configured for you.


TimeControl is highly secure and is known for its robust security architecture. TimeControl has been used by banks, defense departments and numerous government agencies. The TimeControlOnline implementation takes advantage of this architecture to create a highly secure timesheet service for you. Among other security features deployed in TimeControlOnline are:

  • Multi-layered malware protection of the host servers

  • Continuous intrusion detection and monitoring of the hosted environment

  • 256bit SSL encryption of all TimeControlOnline communications and .Net encryption of data while in transit

  • Regular backup of all data

  • Redundant layers of data protection and recovery.

For more information on TimeControl's Security architecture, read the TimeControlOnline Security Architecture white paper.


We are backing up your data all the time. In fact, we have redundant offsite backups of the data and the working TimeControlOnline environment so that in an emergency, your TimeControlOnline environment can be recovered and restored without delay. However, you may wish to have your own backup of your data for good governance purposes or just peace of mind. TimeControlOnline provides a function that allows an Adminstrator of your system to generate their own backup of their TimeControlOnline data and download it to your own PC.

Constant monitoring

We monitor the availability of your TimeControlOnline 24x7 so you don't have to. TimeControl is an extremely stable environment but should your TimeControlOnline system be unavailable for any reason, notification is sent to an HMS technician who will immediately investigate the cause and get the system back up and running immediately. It is our goal to ensure that we fix any potential problem before you ever notice a problem.

Regular Maintenance and upgrades

TimeControl updates and upgrades are released on a regular basis but not all updates of TimeControl will need to make their way to TimeControlOnline. Some updates are made specifically to support the many combinations of servers, databases and other technology layers that TimeControl supports. However, when maintenance of TimeControl must occur, HMS will schedule that maintenance and inform you on your log-in screen when those updates will occur. We schedule such updates for late at night and on weekends to minimize any interruption and TimeControlOnline will typically be unavailable for only a few minutes during this period. Major upgrades are also scheduled and announced in this manner and typically make TimeControlOnline unavailable for 1 to 2 hours during the weekend.

TimeControlOnline's hosted pricing

TimeControlOnline's hosted pricing model is one of the most competitive in the industry.

TimeControlOnline standard subscription pricing starts at only $10 per month per user and lowers by volume. You can increase your number of licenses at any time over a one year subscription period and we'll charge only the incremental pro-rata costs.

Ask us about volume discounts. TimeControlOnline discount pricing may be able to save you a bundle!

Pricing includes TimeControlOnline's full range of functionality. That means Time and Attendance, Project Timekeeping, and Vacation Approvals with TimeRequest are all included. Links to Microsoft Project, Project Server, Primavera, SharePoint, BrightWork, Open Plan, ADP and other systems are all included. Reporting, analysis, dashboards are all included. There's nothing else to purchase!

We'll be happy to provide you a quote based on the number of users you wish in your TimeControlOnline subscription. Just Request a Quote and one of our sales executives will respond with pricing for your specific situation quickly and be ready to answer any questions you may have on how TimeControlOnline can be of benefit to you.

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