What's New in TimeControl Version 8?

TimeControl 8.0 Logo
TimeControl and TimeControl Industrial version 8.0 are major upgrades to the TimeControl 7 family of editions with significant new and enhanced features in both the web and Mobile App systems. The TimeControl 8 system includes major changes to the interface of TimeControl and in the underlying architecture to support server operating systems, new database versions and current interface standards. All functionality from version 7.4.1 are included in TimeControl 8. No functionality has been deprecated. There are significant new features and enhanced functions in the system.

Here is more detail on the new and enhanced features in this version:

All-new interface

TimeControl 8 interface has undergone a major rewrite to support new standards in web and mobile designs. You’ll see that the menu has gone from a series of icons in a menu strip at the top of the screen to a collapsible menu on the left. This allows TimeControl to support the increased functionality in the system and provide faster access to individual functions. Each tab has been replaced by a summary menu item. One click expands the summary menu items into details and a second click goes directly to that function. The menu can be pinned on the left or hidden if you need the extra horizontal space. This new menu structure will allow us to introduce new features planned for the near future.

At the top of the screen the Account area is available at the click of the account icon. There is also a brand new notification icon and access to more assistance like documentation.

While everything looks new, the functions you know and love haven’t gone far. Most functions will look just the same and no functionality have been deprecated. Accessing some functions might require clicking on a “More…” button instead of a plus “+” sign but it’s all still there.

Link to JIRA

We’ve created a bi-directional link to the popular task management system JIRA in this version. JIRA is a popular task management and project management system from Atlassian. It’s best known in the Agile project management world and is available from Atlassian as a service or as an on-premise implementation. For developers and other technical users using JIRA now, timesheets can pose a challenge. JIRA has its own ability to track time per task. If you’ve been assigned a task to complete, you might be expected to open JIRA, show that you’re working on that task and when complete for now, record how much time you’ve spent on it. If you have to open the task three or four times to complete it, then JIRA would keep track of how much time you put in on each session and show a summary of time spent on the task. So far, so good. But now when the end of the week comes, what do you do to complete a timesheet? For many JIRA users, you would now need to open up your standard corporate timesheet, enter all work that was not task related including meetings, travel, overhead, time off and anything else and also copy over the totals from JIRA to the timesheet.

This link between TimeControl and JIRA makes that a thing of the past. TimeControl can bring in the work you’re doing on JIRA including new tasks and assignments and the hours spent on a scheduled basis. TimeControl just brings in the updates so these scheduled links can be done on a very frequent basis, even a few minutes apart. Then in TimeControl your timesheet is updated with all the work you’ve already recorded in JIRA. No need for copying or transposing your work. You can then complete a single timesheet and submit it for approval. TimeControl’s Matrix Approval Process kicks in and both supervisors and project managers can approve the timesheet. Then a link back to JIRA by the project manager updates the JIRA tasks to ensure both systems stay in sync. For organizations who already have or are considering JIRA, this new link will make integrating TimeControl a cost-effective solution.

New Resource Planning View

We’ve added new functionality in the Resource Assignments Tables area. TimeControl has long been known for its superior tracking of resource actuals. TimeControl timesheets show auditable entries of where resources spent their time on a task-by-task, day-by-day basis. Now the new Resource Planning view allows resource plans looking forward to be entered for each day. These results can be used to compare against timesheet actuals to show planned vs. actual effectiveness. Integration with Microsoft Project Server 2019

TimeControl’s integration with Microsoft Project has now extended even further with support for Microsoft Project Server On-Premise 2019. TimeControl has had a link with every Microsoft Project since 1995 including the latest Microsoft Project Professional 2019 and Microsoft Project Online. Now TimeControl includes a link for Microsoft Project Server 2019 when installed on-premise. This new link allows bi-directional integration with Microsoft Project moving plans from Project Server to TimeControl and actuals from TimeControl back to Project Server.

TimeControl Industrial Crew Timesheet Mobile

The free TimeControl Mobile App now includes a new TimeControl Industrial Crew Timesheet and Crew Management functions. There has been enormous support for the free TimeControl Mobile App since its first release in 2017. Now the TimeControl Mobile App includes direct support for TimeControl Industrial to accomplish mobile-enabled field data collection. You can create, release and approve Crew timesheets and even adjust Crew members on your tablet. The TimeControl Mobile App is free and available from the Google Play Store for Android devices or the Apple Store for iOS devices.

TimeControl Mobile App Views

The free TimeControl Mobile App has new functionality that will be of great interest to supervisors, administrators and executives. In past versions of the Mobile App, users could get a graphical representation of their own timesheet data. In this latest version of the TimeControl Mobile App, users can extend this type of functionality to any data they have control over. This allow supervisors or administrators to get insight at a glance by formatting views that are of use to them. The data can be filtered and conditioned as you wish on the fly then displayed in one of numerous view formats.

Link with ARES Prism G2

ARES PRISM and HMS have announced an integration between TimeControl and the ARES Prism G2 cost control system. This link is initiated within Prism through a Prism-delivered plugin and works bi-directionally to move PRISM cost elements to TimeControl for tracking and TimeControl hours and costs back to PRISM for analysis and reporting. The combination of these two products makes a powerful union of leading-edge enterprise cost control and leading-edge timesheet and cost collection.


TimeControl now includes the ability to have system notifications for events such as a rejected timesheet or a resubmitted timesheet. You can elect to send a notification, send an email or both. The new notifications appear in an alarm bell icon at the top right of the screen with the number of unread notifications listed. Notifications which have already been read are stored in case they are needed later. For situations like a rejected timesheet, this means that end users can see the supervisor notes on why the timesheet was rejected right inside the application instead of having to refer to an email.


There’s so much more. We’ve improved the link to Microsoft Project Online, we’ve added new email notification capacity. We’ve improved single sign on for corporate users. We’ve improved look and feel across the product. We’ve made a major expansion of the API to introduce new end points and methods. And, countless other less visible changes that have made TimeControl even better.

How to upgrade

If you have a current service agreement for TimeControl you can download the new version on the support/updates page. For more information on TimeControl 7.4.1 or our upgrade services, please fill in a contact request at email info@hms.ca or call +1 514 695-8122.

TimeControl Online users will be updated automatically in the coming weeks.