HMS publishes new White Paper on TimeControl Integration with Primavera

HMS Software has announced the publication of a new white paper on the integration between TimeControl and Primavera as well as enhancements to their TimeControl / Primavera Resource Portal.

Montreal, January 10, 2019 - HMS Software, the publisher of TimeControl, one of the world's most popular timesheet systems has announced the enhancement of its TimeControl / Primavera Resource Portal and the publishing of a new white paper on TimeControl / Primavera integration.

Oracle-Primavera EPPM administrators know that a Primavera timesheet for task updates is already included when you purchase the EPPM Team Member license. But there are many business scenarios where using a third party timesheet can maximize the investment in Primavera. HMS Software has been a Primavera partner since 1997. In the last 22 years, the work between the two firms has resulted in a level of integration that increases the value of both products when used together.

TimeControl is a multi-function timesheet that is already integrated to both Oracle-Primavera EPPM and Primavera Pro. It was created to bring timesheet functionality even further.

Now HMS has extended its free TimeControl Primavera Portal with an all-new white paper explaining how the integration of the world-class TimeControl Timesheet and world-class Primavera project management system can benefit users.

“Our partnership with Primavera is one of the oldest and most productive technical alliances in the project management industry,” explains Chris Vandersluis, President of HMS Software. We have had our technical teams working together since the late 90’s and in that time we have been able to service tens of thousands of users who use Primavera for project management but needed more in the collection of labor actuals. There are many scenarios where the combination of these two tools is the ideal solution.”

Here are just a few technical scenarios where the combination of TimeControl and Primavera can solve challenges:

A timesheet is needed for Primavera, but you are using Primavera Professional on the desktop, not EPPM on the server or in the cloud
TimeControl already includes complete integration with both Primavera EPPM and Primavera Pro on the desktop. You can support as many desktop users as you wish and even have a mix of EPPM projects and remotely managed projects on Primavera Professional integrated at the same time.

We have many different rates. The rates may be different per client, per project or per task
TimeControl has extensive rate management functionality allowing an individual to have an unlimited number of rate codes. An employee can have different rates for different projects, different rates for different roles on the same project or different rates for different tasks all on the same timesheet. Not only that, but for each of those rate codes you can maintain multiple values so tracking the internal cost, billing value and average project cost can be done all at the same time.

Same timesheet for Primavera and Payroll and HR and Billing and R&D Tax Credits...
This is TimeControl's key design feature. It is an auditable timesheet that is designed to be multi-purpose. TimeControl fulfills multiple timesheet requirements from the same timesheet at the same time. It's perfect for Finance, HR, Payroll, Billing, and governance as well as integrated with Primavera.

Crew Timesheet
Need to enter a high volume of timesheet data for field personnel who don't even have access to a computer? TimeControl Industrial is our field data collection version which allows you to enter Crew Timesheets, Material consumption, Equipment usage and even production accomplished and integrate that information with Primavera.

“TimeControl was created to solve the challenge of companies implementing more than one timesheet to serve project management and other areas of the organization,” says Stephen Eyton-Jones, HMS Software’s Director of Technical Services. “As a multi-function timesheet, TimeControl was designed from the ground up with the flexibility and layers needed to work for more than one purpose at a time.”

For those organizations working in construction, shutdown/maintenance turn-arounds, offshore or hazardous environment projects or any other situation where many of the staff might not be accessing a computer, there is also TimeControl Industrial; a version of TimeControl for field data collection which includes crew scheduling, material consumption, equipment usage and production accomplished entry.

TimeControl and TimeControl Industrial are available both for as a hosted subscription service in the cloud purchase or for purchase for an on-premises installation.

To visit the free TimeControl / Primavera Resource Portal, go to Click on this link to read our latest white paper entitled Integrating TimeControl and Primavera.

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HMS Software is an Oracle Gold Partner.

About TimeControl

TimeControl was originally released in 1994. It was immediately successful in the project management sector and today is recognized not only as a project management solution, but also as an enterprise timesheet solution in use by companies worldwide. TimeControl is designed as a multipurpose timesheet able to serve the needs of both Finance and Project Management simultaneously. It includes features such as a multi-browser, multi-device interface, a PC and mobile interface, vacation approvals, executive dashboards, extensive approval functionality, flexible reporting and links to project management and corporate systems which makes the timesheet product ideally suited for integration with existing systems in any organization. TimeControl's flexibility allows it to be deployed for use as a time and attendance, time and billing, project tracking and flex-time system. TimeControl is available both for purchase for an on-premises installation or as an on-line subscription in the Cloud.

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About HMS Software

Based in Montreal, Canada with offices in Toronto, HMS Software has been a leading provider of project management and enterprise timesheet systems and services since 1984. HMS Software's first customized timesheet application was written in 1984. With the launch of TimeControl as a commercial application in 1994, HMS Software began servicing clients worldwide.

HMS Software's client list reads like a who's who of business. It includes Aegion, CRIM, MCAP, Georgia Pacific, Xerox, Volvo Novabus, the Government of Quebec, CAE, Safran, Tractor Supply, General Dynamics, Siemens, Foster Wheeler, EXFO, Boeing, Value Recovery, Pontoon, March Consulting and hundreds of others.

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