HMS Software celebrates 25th anniversary of its integrated link between TimeControl and Oracle Primavera

Oracle Primavera
Integrating a multi-function auditable timesheet like TimeControl with the powerful project tracking capabilities of Primavera pays powerful dividends.

Montreal, October 27, 2022 – HMS Software has announced a remarkable anniversary. Twenty five years ago in 1997, HMS and Primavera worked together to publish a link integrating the HMS Software’s TimeControl timesheet system and Primavera’s Project Planner. The link continues to evolve even after a quarter century on the market.

“Most organizations don’t even survive 25 years,” says Chris Vandersluis, President of HMS Software. “This integration link is something that has stood the test of time.”

The integration between these two powerful products allows auditable labor actuals to be collected, approved and collated in TimeControl and then integrate with Oracle-Primavera to update tasks with actual effort, costs and progress.

The link started with the then-current P3 product but with each evolution of Primavera, TimeControl and underlying technology it has evolved.

“Keeping this integration current is something that both Primavera and HMS have put effort into over the years,” explains Stephen Eyton-Jones, HMS Software’s Director of Technical Services. “When Primavera puts out a new version, we have to keep up. When databases, operating systems change, we have to change too. The integration also has to take care of not just the current release of Oracle-Primavera but also previous versions.”

The integration has been used by many firms around the world who need the power of the Primavera project management system but also need to collect actuals. When combined with TimeControl, the clients can get regular timesheets, Crew entry timesheets, material consumption entry and equipment usage entry as well as be able to update the progress of tasks in TimeControl either through the web interface or the free TimeControl Mobile App.

“When we started making this link, it was with just one edition of Primavera,” says Vandersluis. “Since then there has been a lot of change. Oracle with whom we were already partnered, purchased Primavera in 2008 and we’ve adjusted to the new editions and upgrades along the way. TimeControl now links with Primavera, P6 Professional, Primavera EPPM and can support integration with multiple versions and multiple installations simultaneously.”

Some of the benefits of linking the auditable TimeControl timesheet system with Primavera include:
- TimeControl’s Matrix Approval Process for Labor Actuals™
- Automated business validation Rules
- Missing timesheet management
- Extensive rate management with unlimited rates per resource
- Managing vacation, sick leave and personal time banks
_ Crew timesheet entry
- Automated email notification
- Collection of material consumption, equipment usage and physical progress

And that’s just to name a few. For clients who use Primavera P6 Professional or Primavera EPPM then the combination of TimeControl with Primavera creates a powerful cost control environment.

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