TimeControl Upgrade Assistance

In most cases, our clients upgrade TimeControl without our assistance. There may be circumstances where having one of our technical staff on hand for an upgrade will be of benefit to you.

Any of the following situations may be one where you might prefer to have an HMS TimeControl implementer work with you to move from one version to another:

  • If you are upgrading through multiple versions at once

  • If you are moving through a major upgrade from one TimeControl evolution to another; for example from one major version to anotherx

  • If you have modified TimeControl in any way either with database modifications or with other extensions within the product

  • If you are making a major platform change; for example from one Windows Server version to another

  • If you are changing any major element of your environment such as browser versions, operating systems, databases or web servers

  • If you have created external links to TimeControl from other legacy systems

  • If you are migrating from TimeControl on premise to TimeControl Online in the cloud

  • If you have unusually high volumes of data to change

If are considering using HMS technical personnel to assist you with your next TimeControl upgrade, contact us at the link below and one of our technical staff will work with you to determine how we best be of assistance.

Contact us here for more information on how our technical staff can assist you with your TimeControl upgrade. One of our technical personnel will contact you determine how to best accommodate you.