TimeControl Administrator refresher course

This three-day refresher course is intended for those companies who have recently engaged a new administrator for their TimeControl software where TimeControl has been fully functional for some time, and where users have been submitting timesheets from TimeControl on a regular basis.

It is designed to train a new TimeControl Administrator in the functionality of TimeControl and on the procedures required to maintain it.

The objective of this three day course is to have the new administrator of TimeControl be fully trained in setting up, using and administering the software throughout the organization.

This training session is designed to review the existing implementation of TimeControl including any customization done during its initiol implementation.

The administrator will be briefed on the complete TimeControl functionality in order to determine the potential for expanded and future use for the product and to review if all the appropriate functionality has been implemented.

The procedures regarding the regular use of TimeControl will also be reviewed and, where required, updated.

The cost of this 3-day training package is $5,100.00US, plus travel and per diem expenses.


The Refresher course starts with a review of the existing TimeControl implementation. The administrator (and other resources if required) will work with our consultant to review how TimeControl was installed. Areas for review include: Customized Reports, Filters, Validation Rules, Exports, Links to PM Systems, User Defined Fields, Customized Labels and Menu items, Existing weekly and maintenance procedures and, data coding issues.

DAY 2 & 3

The next 2 days are determined by the results of Day 1 and may vary from organization to organization. The purpose of Days 2 and 3 are to train the TimeControl Administrator in the regular functionality of the system so they are able to ongoingly maintain TimeControl and are able to implement new features as they are required. Items to be covered in Days 2 and 3 may include:

  • TimeControl Demonstration

  • Review software functionality and compare against current implementation

  • Creating User Profiles

  • Creating filters

  • Creating validation rules

  • Creating reports

  • Creating links to project management systems

  • Guidelines on modifying the data structure

  • Creating/Reviewing weekly, monthly and maintenance procedures

  • Creating exports to external systems

  • Importing data into TimeControl from external systems

  • Maintaining TimeControl

  • Adding new employees, new users, new projects, new charges

  • Deleting old information

  • Customizing the Menu

  • Customizing Field Labels

  • Updating TimeControl for future version