How do you deal with approvals when supervisors are absent for example while on vacation?

It is a common occurrence for a person to be absent and this is just as true for managers and supervisors as it is for any other employee. TimeControl includes an “Alternate User” function that is designed to manage the situation where a supervisor or administrator will be absent and someone else must assume their duties. A user can set their own Alternate in their Profile area and can define when the privileges of that alternate will expire. An Administrator can set an alternate for any user in the User Table. The Administrator can also determine who should receive email notices from TimeControl for things like missing timesheets. They can go to the original user, the alternate or both.

When the alternate logs into TimeControl, they will be presented with a new intermediate screen after their login which asks who they would like to access the system as. If they select the Alternate, then TimeControl will indicate that at the top of the screen. While the Alternate is logged into TimeControl they will see the menu and data selections that the absent person would see but TimeControl always keeps track in the background of who really did approvals or data changes for auditing purposes.