SEFA Testimonial


February 26, 2020

Working as a company with a growing project focus within the industrial, manufacturing and utility industries, we had a need to implement a project time tracking software in 2019. Prior to TimeControl implementation, we were using manual timesheets at the jobsites and a home-grown SharePoint system in the home office. It became essential to find a system that was both user-friendly to the crews as well as relevant to the Project Managers’ planning and scheduling of projects. Additionally, the system would need to streamline and automate a manual process for project timekeeping and labor costing. TimeControl became that solution.

At the project site, TimeControl’s Crew Timesheets track hours by project, task, per diem and equipment usage with the flexibility to post time daily or weekly, depending on the employee setup. Managing crews has been easy for folks at the worksites. Electronic timesheets have streamlined many administrative processes at our company. TimeControl also sends actual hours electronically to Project Server where our Project Managers can see the impacts of time spent on their projects. Data can be exported into various formats, and it is accessible by our various systems. Some folks are also using the TimeControl app on their phones.

The software is easy to use. But most importantly, TimeControl’s support and implementation services have been superb. Their customer focus has been tremendous as we navigate this new software and find uses for it in ways we had not originally intended or foreseen. We are extremely satisfied with doing business with TimeControl!

Bret Harris, CFO
The SEFA Group, Inc.
217 Cedar Road
Lexington, SC 29072