JGC Corporation UK Testimonial

JGC Corporation (UK) Limited

02 Apr 2019

JGC Corporation (UK) Limited (JGC-UK) is an engineering consultant contractor based in the UK and wholly owned subsidiary of JGC Corporation in Japan, JGC-UK’s main business line is Hydrocarbon/Energy-related worldwide.

Management of Man-hours is one of the most important factors in JGCUK’s business environment, Man-hours management requires (but not limited to) the following:

  • Automated, controlled time booking and approval system
  • Easily accessible system
  • Controlled Man-hours budget allocation
  • Comprehensive reporting of Man-hours budget and booking records

JGC-UK found TimeControl system (by HMS Software) as the most suitable system that can supports its Man-hours management plan for internal use and project execution, in line with the above listed factors.

In addition to that, TimeControl System provides:

  • Linkage process to other project control systems and software
  • Managing cost records related to man-hours
  • Reporting development platform

Generally, JGC-UK is satisfied with the performance of TimeControl System. HMS Software has been easy to approach and customer service professionally responsive, HMS Software was supportive in customizing TimeControl System in details to suite our business needs.

Essam Albu-khaleel
Man-hours Control Administrator
JGC-UK / www.jgc-uk.com
London, UK