Minnesota Land Trust Testimonial

April 24, 2017

Rosario Hodgson
HMS Software
189 Hymus Boulevard, Suite 402
Pointe Claire, QC H9R 1E9

RE: Minnesota Land Trust Time Control Testimonial

Dear Ms. Hodgson:

The Minnesota Land Trust is a non-profit organization working through the State to protect and restore Minnesota’s natural land and water resources. We have a staff of 17 working from two offices and we implemented TimeControl in December of 2015.

Much of the funding for our work comes from grants from the State of Minnesota. These grants always take the form of reimbursements: MLT pays the costs of each project upfront and is reimbursed after submitted proper documentation. Recording and documenting staff time was especially problematic. Billable time is limited to approved activities for approved projects, and each grant will have ten to twenty approved projects. At the time we signed on with HMS Software, we had 10 staff members working on 14 different grants. Staff x grants x projects x activities had become a too large number of possibilities to document with paper timesheets. The system was terribly time consuming and prone to error.

Time Control has allowed me to limit the possible choices to the approved combinations of grant/project/activity. It’s taken all the guesswork out of documenting time for staff members, making it much faster and certainly more accurate. Best of all is that I can export a standard report into Excel, and with minimal formatting and arranging I can send that report to the State as acceptable documentation of time worked. What used to take me a couple of days now takes a couple of hours.

I’ve been very pleased with the technical support I’ve received. When we were first considering TimeControl, this was something I was a little worried about – I was afraid that I would need more help than email support. However, the staff is very responsive and I’ve had no trouble getting help in a timely manner.

I can wholeheartedly recommend TimeControl. We are a small organization with relatively simple time-keeping needs; TimeControl has met those needs and then some.

Best Regards,

Susan McCallum

Finance Manager